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Berrylicious Smoothie Bowl with Homemade Granola

smoothie bowl with homemade granola

Smoothie bowls<3 Who wouldn’t love them? Smoothies are my go-to snack and sometimes I have them with some yummy crunchy granola to add some texture. I prefer making my own granola as then I know what it contains (how much sugar etc.) exactly. Here is my recipe for Berrylicious Smoothie Bowl with Homemade Granola. You’d […]

Do you get enough fiber in your diet?

When I moved to Australia a few years ago, something in my diet changed. I got digestive problems: I was bloated every day and I felt very uncomfortable most of the time. That started affecting my moods and I wasn’t very happy… After seeing a doctor, I realised I didn’t drink enough water and I […]