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Helsinki by night

Elämässäni on alkanut uusi ajanjakso Tein tällä viikolla ison muutoksen verkkosivuilleni, käänsin ne suomeksi! Tein ensimmäiset verkkosivuni vuonna 2014 ja ne on aina ollut englanninkieliset, sillä olen asunut pitkään Australiassa. Nyt elämässäni on kuitenkin alkanut uusi ajanjakso ja koen, että suomeksi kirjoittaminen on relevantimpaa. Tänä vuonna mulle on tapahtunut suuria elämänmuutoksia (palaan tähän myöhemmin blogissani) […]

Ihana Outflow – hyvinvointiviikonloppu Inkoon saaristossa

Ihana Outflow hyvinvointiviikonloppu

Kuvittele hyvinvointiviikonloppu täysihoidolla… voit vain rentoutua, ottaa aikaa itsellesi, harrastaa joogaa ja liikuntaa, syödä terveellistä kasvisruokaa, uida, käydä saunassa sekä tutustua uusiin inspiroiviin ja mielenkiintoisiin ihmisiin. Järjestin kesällä kaksi Ihana Outflow -viikonloppua yhdessä joogaopettaja Virva Rantasen kanssa, jossa kaikki yllämainittu oli mahdollista. Järjestimme kesällä 2017 ensimmäisen hyvinvointiviikonlopun ja tämän kesän Ihana Outflow -tapahtumat olivat sille […]

Berrylicious Smoothie Bowl with Homemade Granola

smoothie bowl with homemade granola

Smoothie bowls<3 Who wouldn’t love them? Smoothies are my go-to snack and sometimes I have them with some yummy crunchy granola to add some texture. I prefer making my own granola as then I know what it contains (how much sugar etc.) exactly. Here is my recipe for Berrylicious Smoothie Bowl with Homemade Granola. You’d […]

My favorite breakfast and lunch spots in Bali

kynd community seminyak

I just spent a month in Bali, working remotely and working on new projects. Bali has a special place in my life. I first went there in 2012 to live for 6 months and it was actually a life-changing experience for me. It was my first time travelling outside of Europe. In 6 months, I […]

Choc Banana Nice Cream Recipe

vegan chocolate banana mousse

Fancy some chocolate banana nice cream? Last summer in Helsinki I was walking in the city with my friend. We both started craving for some sort of ice cream. Finnish people love their ice cream in summer and there are ice cream shops in every other corner in the city but I don’t use any dairy […]

15-minute stretching routine

15 minute stretching routine

I want to share my easy 15-minute stretching routine. Stretching and other mobility exercises should be part of your weekly routines whether you worked out or not to avoid stiffness. Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, healthy and strong, and we need that flexibility to maintain a range of motion in the joints. I normally do […]

Kale Buckwheat Tofu Salad Recipe

This is my simple Kale Buckwheat Tofu Salad recipe. I had never cooked buckwheat before until a few months ago. I was keen to try as I had a chance to test some Urtekram products. They have a wide range of amazing organic products from food to body care: from dates to peanut butter, and from toothpaste […]

Banana Chia Oat Pancakes

Can pancakes be healthy? Yes, they can! I´ve been meaning to make banana pancakes for ages. I got some inspiration a couple of weeks ago while I was in California, a lot of people seem to love pancakes over there! I wanted to treat myself one morning with these delicious pancakes to mix up my […]

How to make exercise a routine?

Struggling making exercise a routine? A lot of people start exercising with “all or nothing” attitude. You decide to make a lifestyle change; buy a gym membership, go there eagerly for 3 to 4 weeks and then everything stops for some reason, for a long time… We´ve all been there. For the sake of health benefits and […]