Choc Peanut Butter Raw Balls

What is your go-to treat? Mine would be raw chocolate or raw balls. I don’t have a big sweet tooth anymore but every now and then I feel like eating something sweet and delicious. So I’m sharing my favorite raw balls recipe with you, and they’re super easy to make! I like to serve these when I invite friends over or just to have them in fridge as afternoon pick-me up.

Choc Peanut Butter Raw Balls Recipe


Prep-time: 1hr + 20-30 minutes

Choc Peanut Butter Raw Balls Ingredients:

200g dates (seeds removed)

3 dl cashews

2 tbsp peanut butter

1 tbsp coconut oil (liquid)

2 tbsp cacao powder

½ dl Cacao nibs

Sheredded coconut

Prep work: Soak cashews in water for about an hour.

  1. Blend cashew nuts and dates in food processor until the texture is nice and smooth.

  2. Add peanut butter, cacao powder, cacao nibs and coconut oil in food processor. Blend for 1-2 minutes.

  3. Once the mixture is ready, start rolling small balls in shredded coconut to add flavour and make them look nice and pretty.

  4. Place raw balls in a container. Refrigerate them for at least for an hour before serving.


Love, Jonna

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